Exhibition Venue CHENNAI

India’s rubber productivity per hectare is the highest among producing countries.

The traditional areas of state of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, together constitute more than 80% of total rubber production.

The import of Natural rubber has increased 8 fold to 4 lac tonnes in last 10 years, making it largest consumer of rubber in world.

Chennai is the largest metropolitan city of Tamilnadu state and one of the 4 largest cities in India, where many industry related to rubber have blossomed due to availability of raw material, resources, skilled manpower, and knowledge of the industry. All these factors combined with high concentration of automobile production, presence of large and medium industries in south india, Chennai stands out as a perfect place for Asia Rubber Expo & RubberTech India 2020

How To Reach at CHENNAI ?

By Air

Chennai Trade Center : 14 KM

By Train

Chennai Trade Center : 16.9 KM

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